43rd ICMM World Congress on Military Medicine 2019

May 19–24, 2019 / Basel, Switzerland

Confirmed Sponsors


ZOLL Medical Corporation

Email: esales@zoll.com
Phone: +1 978 421-9440
Website: www.zoll.com/military

For more than 25 years, ZOLL has been a trusted partner delivering acute critical care technologies to the military. ZOLL is proud to honor your trust with unmatched commitment to those who care for others during operational, humanitarian, disaster and peacetime missions. From vital signs monitoring and defibrillation to critical care  ventilation, ZOLL helps improve survival outcomes and operational efficiencies. Thus, ZOLL devices are the products of choice as the standard chosen by many militaries in U.S., NATO and Global coalition partners.



3B Scientific GmbH

Email: info@3bscientific.com
Phone: +49 40 73966 0
Website: www.3bscientific.com

3B Scientific is your partner in healthcare, medical education, and scientific teaching aids with excellent customer service and after sales support. As a trusted leader in the global anatomical market, the company is now focusing on the development of medical simulators to meet the growing needs of healthcare training and education worldwide. 3B Scientific provides high quality and innovative products made of durable material at fair prices, such as medical simulators for basic, intermediate and advanced medical skill training. Please visit 3bscientific.com

Aesculap AG Booth

Email: michael.paulo@aesculap.de
Phone: +49 7461 352746
Website: www.aesculap.de

Aesculap Expertise in military medicine since 1867. Since its establishment in 1867 Aesculap AG has been a professional partner to the military medical services. Starting with the development of the first electric surgical power  system, the modern sterilization container system to the Cranio-Fix® system for bone flap fixation, Aesculap AG has consistently introduced new medical technologies.
Surgery – Sterile Technology – Sutures – Orthopaedics – Power Systems – Dental


Email: comercial@arpaemc.com
Phone: +34 976 144 770
Website: www.arpaemc.com

ARPA Equipos Moviles de Campaña is a family business with 50 years of history. The company was founded in 1968 with the clear vocation to improve the feeding conditions of the Spanish Armed Forces in their field deployments. The largest contract signed in the history of field hospitals (€ 140,000,000) was signed by ARPA for the supply of  7 mobile field hospitals on truck to Saudi Arabia. ARPA has developed the hospitals in just 13 months and the  company will be doing the maintenance of the hospitals as well. 50 years of providing field hospitals make them a trusted global supplier.

Automated Medical Products

Email: sales@ironintern.com
Phone: +1 732 602 7717
Website: www.ironintern.com


Beta Verlag & Marketinggesellschaft mbH

Email: events@beta-publishing.com
Phone: +492289193710
Website: https://beta-publishing.com/

Beta Publishing was founded nearly 40 years ago, we publish several publications, e.g. CRISIS PREVENTION as well as EUROPEAN MILITARY MEDICAL SERVICES, the ALMANAC or WEHRMEDIZIN UND WEHRPHARMAZIE. Our publications are very specialized – public safety, internal security as well as military medicine. We also organise high quality events like congresses and seminars. Some examples are the DiMiMED or the CRISIS PREVENTION  Conference, both with more than 250 participants. Since many years we are the partner for the COMEDS conferences, being responsible for the industrial exhibition.

CAE Healthcare GmbH

Email: ronny.schuerer@cae.com
Phone: +49 6131 495 035 3
Website: http://www.cae.com/

CAE Healthcare delivers leading-edge simulation training solutions to hospitals, physicians, nurses, students,  emergency responders and the military around the world. With a mission to improve patient safety and outcomes, we develop each product in partnership with medical professionals whose aim is to ensure physiological accuracy and educational relevance. Visit the CAE Healthcare booth to learn more about our military offering including the CAESAR Simulator and CutSuit.

Calmoseptine, Inc.

Email: Info@Calmoseptine.com
Phone: +1-714-840-3405
Website: http://www.calmoseptine.com/

Calmoseptine® Ointment protects and helps heal skin irritations from moisture such as urinary and fecal incontinence. It is also effective for irritations from perspiration, wound drainage, fecal & vaginal fistulas and feeding tube site leakage. Calmoseptine® temporarily relieves discomfort and itching. Free samples at our booth!

Diamedica (UK) Ltd

Email: c.green@diamedica.co.uk
Phone: +44 1598 710066
Website: diamedica.co.uk

Safe anaesthesia and respiratory solutions for limited resource settings.

Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA

Email: roland.ide@draeger.com
Phone: +49 451-882-3966
Website: www.draeger.com

Dräger. Technology for Life®
Dräger is an international leader of medical and safety technology. Our products protect, support and save lives. Founded in 1889 in Lübeck, Germany. The Dräger Group presents in more than 190 countries with 14.000 employees world wide. Adopting the common NATO roles, Dräger supports medical corps all over the world with precise and quickly serviceable medical technology. In current global scenarios, military surgeons are faced with a wide range of  situations and injuries. Dräger provides field tested equipment that is ready to hand and of robust construction.


Website: https://epiguard.com

Frestems Oy

Email: frestems@frestems.fi
Phone: +358(0)207348080
Website: www.frestems.fi

Frestems is the leading military ambulance product manufacturer, specialized in stretcher loading systems and  complete ambulance interior design, development and manufacturing. The functionality and life saving capability of any military ambulance or evacuation vehicle is largely dependent  on the proper internal layout and carefully planned logistics of stretcher patients inside the vehicle. We strive to  increase patient survivability by developing our products to offer the best ergonomics, logistics, safety and usability for the military users.

General Dynamics European Land Systems (GDELS)

Website: www.gdels.com

GDELS is a business unit of General Dynamics Corporation conducting its business through European operating sites located in Spain, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Switzerland. With more than 2.000 highly skilled technical employees and as one of the European leaders in the land combat systems sector, GDELS has focused itself on four specific divisions with the aim of producing greater synergies  and coordination between its plants. Our products range from wheeled armored and tracked combat vehicles to amphibious bridges and ferry systems.

Getinge Deutschland GmbH

Email: andreas.schmid@getinge.com
Phone: +49 7222 932 402
Website: www.getinge.com

Getinge is a global provider of innovative solutions for operating rooms, intensive care units, sterilization departments and for life science companies and institutions. Based on our firsthand experience and close partnerships with clinical experts, healthcare professionals and medtech specialists, we are improving the everyday life for  people - today and tomorrow.

Giardino Group AG

Email: reservation@giardino.ch
Phone: +41 (0)800 333 313
Website: www.giardino.ch

Giardino hotels and restaurants Luxurious nonchalance and recreation with character “Giardino” is Italian and means garden. Intense, diversified and full of natural perfection. A place of regeneration and so full of individuality, that every detail deserves its own moment. The Giardino Retreats and Resorts are just like this garden and offer a surprisingly fresh interpretation of luxury hotels and creative cuisine. They all combine casual ambiance, superior service and charismatic design to a places of Mediterranean joie de vivre – whether in sunny Ticino, alpine altitudes or urban areas. Giardino unites the most attractive facets of Switzerland with a good dosage of sunny hospitality.

HEMO bandage International LLC 

Email: tsoard@hemobandage.com
Phone: +1(754) 900-1224
Website: www.coreleaderbio.com

Hemo-Bandage International LLC is the exclusive distributor for HEMO-Bandage in the United States. The principals of the company have an extensive knowledge in Emergency Medical Services & Law Enforcement for over three decades each. By incorporating chitosan in the fiber, HEMO-Bandage is an US patented chitosan base pre-hospital hemostatic agent. It is proven by USAISR to have better efficacy than US army standard and no any known side-effect.  Coreleader is an ISO certified MFG focusing on bio dressing for wound, hemostasis & burns to save life in the battle field.


Email: info@intersurgical.co.uk
Phone: +44(0)1189 656300
Website: www.intersurgical.com

Intersurgical is a global designer, manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of medical devices for respiratory support. We provide flexible patient solutions for airway management, anaesthesia, critical care, and oxygen & aerosol therapy for use within emergency care, hospitals and also in the home. Our goal is to provide best practice respiratory product solutions for patients and clinicians, offering quality, innovation and choice.


Email: info@karlstorz.com
Phone: +49 7461 708 0
Website: www.karlstorz.com

KARL STORZ is one of the world's leading suppliers of endoscopes for all fields of application. The family-owned company with its headquarters in Tuttlingen, Germany has 7500 employees worldwide. With a history that stretches back over 70 years, KARL STORZ is well-known for its innovative and high-quality products. Its range of products has been rounded off with the development of the integrated operating room OR1TM and by integrating the field of flexible endoscopy into the various specialties.

Lodox Systems (Pty) Ltd

Email: info@lodox.com
Phone: +27114449118
Website: www.lodox.com

Lodox Systems is a South African company that produces a unique full-body X-ray scanner. The system provides  full-body images in just 13 seconds, with minimal radiation dose and exceptional image quality. Our solution addresses key challenges experienced in trauma and forensic pathology and acts as an invaluable tool to assist with patient throughput, guiding treatment and eliminating any guesswork. Disaster victim management from mass shootings, explosions, earthquakes, and other unfortunate massive-scale catastrophes can be addressed at life-saving speeds.

MK-Med Medizintechnik AG

Email: ll@mk-med.ch
Phone: +41 27 948 10 00
Website: www.mk-med.ch

Qualität, Beständigkeit, Professionalität, Flexibilität. Werte, die zählen, Werte, die wir besitzen. Qualité, professionnalisme,durabilité et flexibilité. Des valeurs qui comptent, des valeurs que nous possédons. Qualità, professionalità, durata e flessibilità. I valori che contano, i valori che noi abbiamo.

Molecular Products

Email: sales@molprod.com
Phone: +44 (0)1279 445111
Website: www.molecularproducts.com

Molecular Products is a world leader in the design and manufacture of pure air technologies for the treatment of breathable gases and the filtration of hazardous or harmful emissions. Our portfolio of defence products provide personal and collective protection in life critical environments. At ICMM we are introducing the ROG rugged oxygen generator; a non-explosive emergency O2 supply for the treatment of casualties at point of injury. The ROG is a solid oxygen system that enables trauma patients to be  oxygenated via a safe, reliable and non-explosive source.

Mundipharma network of independent associated companies

Email: communications@mundipharma.com
Phone: +44 1223424211
Website: https://www.mundipharma.com

The Mundipharma network of independent associated companies (‘Mundipharma’) is equivalent to a mid-sized global pharmaceutical company. Founded by doctors over 60 years ago to meet the unmet needs of patients, the network now operates in over 120 countries worldwide. The network aims to develop and accelerate patient access to medicines across our specialist driven primary care (respiratory, diabetes), secondary care (pain and oncology) and biosimilars platforms. Central to our success is our focus on innovation and commercial excellence, delivered through long term partnerships.

North American Rescue LLC

Email: info@narescue.com
Phone: +18646759800
Website: www.narescue.com

North American Rescue is dedicated to increasing survivability in the line of fire by empowering today's warfighters, tactical healthcare professionals and law enforcement personnel with innovative medical and rescue equipment to manage traumatic injuries and decrease preventable death in combat and the tactical environment.

PerSys Medical

Email: info@persysmedical.com
Phone: +972-09-951744
Website: www.ps-med.com

PerSys Medical Group is a global organization which manufactures, markets and distributes innovative lifesaving medical devices for Military, EMS's, Law Enforcement, Disaster Preparedness, Search and Rescue, pre-hospital and in-hospital use. PerSys Medical solutions are considered gold standard in the fields of Vascular access, Hemorrhage control, Hypothermia treatment and Airway Management. Within PerSys Medical portfolio one can find leading products such as: The Emergency Bandage, the NIO intraosseous device, the Blizzard blanket with its unique  Reflexcell™ technology and the Micro BVM.


Email: aurelie@planmeca.com
Phone: +358 207 795 500
Website: www.planmeca.com

RDT, a Philips Company

Email: lnoble@rdtltd.com
Phone: +44 1256362425
Website: www.rdtltd.com

RDT, a Philips Company is a medical device company who specialise in the design, manufacture, sales, marketing and worldwide distribution of remote monitoring and resuscitation solutions for pre-hospital and critical care  services. The Tempus Pro is the vital signs monitor of choice for the UK MOD and is deployed across other NATO  Militaries including US Special Operations, Australia, Canada and Norway among others.

Red Cross Service

Email:  info@rkd-scr.ch
Phone:  058 400 41 70
Website: www.rkd-scr.ch

The Red Cross Service (RCS) has been an organization of the Swiss Red Cross since 1903.
It comprises about 250 women with medical qualifications who voluntarily assist the medical services of the Swiss armed forces. The service is funded by the Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection & Sport.
The members of the RCS are assigned to units, companies and other sections of the armed forces, which train, equip, deploy and pay them.
With few exceptions, their duties and rights are identical to those of the Army Medical Corps; in particular, they are protected under the Geneva Conventions.

RUAG Switzerland Ltd

Email: info.defence@ruag.com
Phone: +41 31 376 66 66
Website: https://www.ruag.com/en/products-services/land

RUAG develops and markets internationally sought-after technology applications in the fields of aerospace, security and defence for use on land, in the air and in space. 57% of RUAG's products and services are destined for the civil market and 43% for the military market. The Group is headquartered in Bern (Switzerland). It has production sites in Switzerland and in 13 other countries in Europe, the USA and Asia-Pacific. At ICMM, RUAG presents its field hospital solution which can be operated in a deserted and remote area.


Email: sales@schiller.ch
Phone: +41 41 766 4242
Website: www.schiller.ch

SCHILLER is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of devices for cardiopulmonary diagnostics, emergency  care, defibrillation and patient monitoring as well as software solutions for the medical industry. Founded in 1974 by Alfred E. Schiller as a one-man business, SCHILLER, distinguished by financial autonomy as well as continuous growth and innovations, has become a successful group with 30 subsidiaries and a global sales network. "The Art of Diagnostics" is infinitely creative and inspires us to continuously improve our products and progress.


Email: i.debois@serb.eu

Siemens Healthcare GmbH

Email: christoph.hein@siemens-healthineers.com
Phone: +49 9131 84-2365
Website: www.siemens-healthineers.de

Siemens Healthineers enables healthcare providers worldwide to increase value by empowering them on their journey towards expanding precision medicine, transforming care delivery, improving patient experience and digitalizing healthcare. A leader in medical technology, Siemens Healthineers is constantly innovating its portfolio of products and services in its core areas of diagnostic and therapeutic imaging and in laboratory diagnostics and molecular medicine. Siemens Healthineers is also actively developing its digital health services and enterprise services.

Thornhill Medica

Email: info@thornhillmedical.com
Phone: +18885971325
Website: www.thornhillmedical.com

Thornhill Medical is on the cutting edge of medical technology, changing the face of Emergency Mobile Medicine for first responders and military, globally. MADMTM is the first compact, all-in-one, digital in-circuit delivery device to turn any ventilator, into an anesthesia machine. MOVES®SLCTM is an integrated, portable life support system for patient transport and on-site emergencies. Founded by Dr. Joseph Fisher, world-renowned research scientist in anesthesiology and cardiovascular intensive care, Thornhill Medical strives daily to make the impossible, possible.


Email: contact@utilis.fr
Phone: +33 3 87 71 60 74
Website: www.utilis-international.com

UTILIS SAS has over 20 years of experience as a manufacturer of quick deploy mobile tactical shelters, integrated containers and complex infrastructure solutions used for a variety of military and civil applications in the most extreme conditions : camps, command Posts, head Quarters, mobile decontamination units, field hospitals & medical posts, sanitary facilities, CBRN and colpro protection, collective/individual accommodation, storage and maintenance enclosures, permanent and semi-permanent hangars.


Email: info@virtamed.com
Phone: +41 44 500 96 90
Website: www.virtamed.com

VirtaMed is the world leader in high-fidelity virtual reality simulation for training of minimally invasive diagnostic and therapeutic interventions in orthopedics, urology, and OB/GYN. Our mission is to change the way medical skills are taught and to improve the quality of care with cost-effective, state-of-the-art, virtual reality-based medical training and education. VirtaMed is based in Zurich, Switzerland, and has offices in the USA and China. Working with a global partner  network, we are equipped to support hundreds of hospitals across the world including military medical centers.