43rd ICMM World Congress on Military Medicine 2019

May 19–24, 2019 / Basel, Switzerland


ICMM World Congress 2019

Central ICMM

Vice-Chairperson ICMM 2019

Andreas Stettbacher, Vice-Chairperson


Director General of the Congress

Daniel Flückiger, Director


Congress Organizing Committee

Fabian Aldcroft, Chairperson


Congress Scientific Committee

Zeno Stanga, Chairperson

Nejla Gültekin, Vice-Chairperson

David Winkler, Vice-Chairperson


Sergei Bankoul, Member

Alexandre Faas, Member

Jörg Leuppi, Member

Carl Marchand, Member

Daniel Messelken, Member


Daniel Aeschbach, Extended Member

Fabio Agri, Extended Member

Christophe Baumberger, Extended Member

Mette Berger, Extended Member

Niels Blatter, Extended Member

Pascal Bonnabry, Extended Member

Franziska Briggen, Extended Member

Thomas Bührer, Extended Member

Marc Cadisch, Extended Member

Pierre-Nicolas Carron, Extended Member

Arnaud Dupuis, Extended Member

Jérôme Endrass, Extended Member

Aristomenis Exadaktylos, Extended Member

Jan Fehr, Extended Member

Kurt Jäger, Extended Member

Philipp Haas, Extended member

Thomas Kalbermatter, Extended Member

Christoph Kunz, Extended Member

Stephen Leib, Extended Member

Thomas Meister, Extended Member

Heinz Moll, Extended Member

Stéphane Montavon, Extended Member

Philippe Morel, Extended Member

Stefan Mühlebach, Extended Member

Valentin Neuhaus, Extended Member

Hans-Christoph Pape, Extended Member

Brigitte Rindlisbacher, Extended Member

Gisela Rütti, Extended Member

Frank Rühli, Extended Member

Till Saxer, Extended Member

Erich Seifritz, Extended Member

Peter Schaber, Extended Member

Patricia Schlagenhauf, Extended Member

Patrik Schwab, Extended Member

Luzius Steiner, Extended Member

Peter Candidus Stocker, Extended Member

Stefan Trachsel, Extended Member

Kai Tisljar, Extended Member

Stefan Vetter, Extended Member

Nicolas Widmer, Extended Member

Hans-Florian Zeilhofer, Extended Member

Mathias Zürcher, Extended Member

Secretariat and Chairmanship

Bipin Puri, Chairperson

Roger Van Hoof, Secretary-General

Terawan Argus Putranto, Vice-Chairperson

Andreas Stettbacher, Vice-Chairperson

Pierre Neirinckx, Deputy Secretary-General

Chris Deroubaix, Director of Finances

Marc Morillon, Chairperson Scientific Council

Humbert Boisseaux, Deputy-Chairperson Scientific Council

Paul Zaboury, Director Communication and Marketing

Marta Presa, Assistant Secretary-General

Leo Klein, Assistant Secretary-General

Johan Crouse, Legal Advisor

Ivan Kholikov, Legal Advisor

Ivan Hostens, Executive Secretary


Scientific Council

Marc Morillon, Chairperson Scientific Council

Humbert Boisseaux, Deputy-Chairperson Scientific Council


Special Advisers of the Scientific Council

Krzysztof Korzeniewski, Special Advisor

Maher Beji, Special Advisor

Johan Crouse, Medico Legal Advisor


Technical Commissions of the Scientific Council

Min Yu, Chairperson Commission on Administration and medico-military Logistics

Amar Kosaraju, Chairperson Commission for Dentistry

Arne Krappitz, Chairperson Commission for Pharmacy

Leander Buchner, Chairperson Commission for Veterinary Science

Lizzy Bernthal, Chairperson Commission for Nurses and Paramedics


ICMM Reference Centre

David Winkler, Chairperson ICMM Centre of Reference for Education on international Humanitarian Law and Ethics