43rd ICMM World Congress on Military Medicine 2019

May 19–24, 2019 / Basel, Switzerland

Let's exchange knowledge!

Dear Colleagues and Friends

It is with a great honour and pleasure that we welcome you most cordially to the prestigious 43rd ICMM World Congress 2019 in Military Medicine here in Basel. The programme shall be packed full of ground-breaking science and mesmerizing atmosphere. We hope that you will have an unforgettable forthcoming week, here in this historic university city on the banks of the marvellous river Rhine.

Together with the congress committee, we have compiled an attractive scientific program along the lines of our motto “Medicine on the Move”. Military medical science is permanently generating new findings that considerably impact our daily work and real-life action plans. Yesterday’s paradigms are questioned today and new standards are defining tomorrow, triggering a continuous evolution of military medicine.


A special focus of the congress will be the integration of new technologies and research findings into person-centred approaches to prevention, care and training. This at a time in which difficult challenges, such as displacement, war, terrorism and economic constraints, require new answers. The broad themes of the congress are:

  • Military Medical Ethics and Law
  • Cutting Edge Medicine and Leadership in Medicine
  • Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Terrorism Defense
  • Civil-Military Cooperation in Emergency Medicine

The scientific programme includes hot topics in military and disaster medicine with 50 multidisciplinary sessions and a multi-day workshop in military medical ethics. The outstanding scientific content has been achieved through the kind and valuable collaboration of 139 distin­guished speakers from 24 different countries around the world. More than 260 abstracts have be submitted, clearly demonstrating the importance of this truly unique scientific event.

A renowned international faculty will share their recent experiences and include you in a discussion pertaining to the most recent developments in the fields of military and disaster medicine. Therefore, we would like to motivate you to meet and discuss cutting edge science in a formal and informal atmosphere of friendship, strengthening old, and igniting new rela­tionships.

We are confident that this week’s congress will be an unforgettable personal and professional experience.

Welcome to this congress
Welcome to Basel
Welcome to Switzerland

Major General Dr Andreas Stettbacher MD
Vice-Chairman ICMM,
Surgeon General of the Swiss Armed Forces